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Melissa Wine
December 26, 2023.
Nice store with beautiful jewelry. The staff were very friendly.
Robert Coleman
December 14, 2023.
Great jewelry, lots of quality pieces!!
Leigh Whiteside
November 1, 2023.
The Owner of this store is so ENTITLED she doesn't need anyone's business. Have been shopping The Silver Galleon with Rusty for years. Have bought lots of pieces from this store. Have recommended this store to friends and family, but after meeting the owner today never again. She was the rudest most ENTITLED person I have ever met. I asked for Rusty and she refused to sell me the items I had picked out and let me know that SHE WAS THE OWNER! She also said I hurt her feelings for asking for him. He is who I dealt with for years, why wouldn't I ask for him. I apologized over and over again to her and she still wouldn't sell me my items. Evidently she is so ENTITLED that she doesn't need anyone's business.
Tiffany Pritchett
September 12, 2023.
Just visited this store today and the staff was great. The selection was great. Definitely will be a long time customer. So excited to wear my new pieces of jewelry
Lydia Ramirez
June 5, 2023.
Wish I could have spent more time here. They have a cute selection of rings, jewelry, earrings, and more. However, when we walked in, it was super quiet and awkward for us to walk around with the employees looking right at us. Weird vibe but, could have just been me.
Destiny Stroud
January 20, 2023.
Very friendly owners and staff!
Cyndi Chambers
October 2, 2022.
Unfortunately, i was not impressed with this shop and the employees seemed like the last thing they wanted to do was help customers
Kathleen Taleithea OReilly
August 10, 2022.
The Silver Galleon is a fabulous store offering many styles of jewelry by many artists and designers. This shop has an array of products like hand-made knives, moccasins, Native American crafts, so much to see and explore. If you are searching for that perfect jewelry piece or wall handing or hand made Native American made knife, Billy White Wolf's collection will blow you away. Awesome Artist in many areas. A favorite Artists as we have several of his creations. One of our "Must stop in shops" in Gatlinburg, TN. K & J O'Reilly
Mindy Nickels
May 26, 2022.
I had a great experience in this store. I told the people what I was looking for and they were so helpful. Couldn't be happier with my purchase. Small gift for my daughter and I just know she is going to love it!

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